Friday, January 20, 2006


After the cruel of add releases on Sourceforge at the last time I searched for a tool to manage releases on Hey and I found releaseforge. I taked a look at the tool and it's really nice and helpful.

You can add new new packages, new releases (add notes, changelog, files and fileattributes), edit/manage the existing releases and add project news. The pain ends now! But I wondered: Why is there no SUSE package for releaseforge in our distribution? No problem I created a new package and added it to the build system. I hope we get this at least in the factory tree.

But there is some room for improve releaseforge: There should be a way to change the release date and the automatic detection of ix86 > i386 rpms did not work (they are detected as AMD64). At least: If you release a news - the format is destroyed and all linefeeds are removed. But if you released only one time more than one file with the SourceForge File Release System (FRS) - here is your alternative.

I also added some other new packages to the build system (feel free to test them if they go to the factory tree):
  • Jarnal - a Java based notetaking/sketching application for Tablet PCs (v7.80)
  • Yakuake - a really nice retractable KDE terminal emulator (v2.7.3)