Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hacking KMailCVT

Since a long time ... Yesterday I did some maintanance work for KMailCVT . In the last months I couldn't find the time to fix some known problems in the mail import tool of KMail but now I taked a look at this issues (for the KDE 3.5 branch):
  • I could not move imported mails from mailinglist archives to a Cyrus IMAP account because of not allowed line starting with "From " (not to mistaken with "From: ") in the header. I fixed this by removing the line while import (see commit).
  • If you import mails from a mbox file the state of the emails is not set back to KMail. All mails are marked as new (see e.g. bug #114923). I added detection of the X-Status flag to set the correct state the imported mails (see commit). I tried also to add the same to the kmail-maildir import filter (which worked), but unfortunately there are some problems in KMail with set the X-Status flag correct to the mail files (bug #133210).
As next I plan to check also the other mailfilter to read and set the state of the mail. There are also some problems with the interactivty of the filters if you chancel the import process which need some work. And at least: I need to port the changes to the KDE4 tree ...