Thursday, October 30, 2008

Linux Plumbers Conf: Follow-up

Six weeks ago the Linux Plumbers Conference 2008 ended in Portland (OR). Yesterday I found the time to fill the "Plumbers Conference Attendee Survey". The survey enable all attendees to address their commendation, but also constructive criticism for a better conference in 2009.

Here some of my points:
  • It would be really nice to have a official IRC-channel for the conference next year. It would make it easy to get in touch with other attendees or to announce something.
  • As I already criticised about the Akademy 2008: I missed a list of the attendees, available while the conference, with some information about them (What are they working on? Email address, IRC nickname ...). It would make it much more easier to find the people you are interested in to e.g. discuss a issue/topic. Especially on a new conference with many new people.
  • I hope the room situation for the microconfs can get improved. In some rooms it was really hard to see the slides because you couldn't even see the screen from the half of the seats if the room was full.
  • But one of the much important points is: Also six weeks after the conference only a minority, 14 out of48 , of the presentations slides are online available. Is it that hard for a speaker to upload the slides in time? Normally it should be possible for the majority to upload them directly while the conference or shortly after. So please, if you were a speaker: please upload your slide now!
To prevent the impression that I have only to criticise: I've met a lot of new people, but also people I already work with on different projects. It was a great, interesting and enlightening conference. Thanks to the conference team. I hope I can attend again next year ...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pictures from Linux Plumbers Conf and BlueZ Dev Meeting

Back from Portland I found now some time to put some pictures from Portland, the Linux Plumbers Conference 2008 and the BlueZ Developer Meeting 2008 (both took place in Portland (OR), USA) online: