Monday, March 17, 2008

HAL: v0.5.11-RC2 released

Due to problems with the 'parallel event processing'-patches I've opened a branch for hal v0.5.11. We reverted the relevant changes in this branch and added some patches from the list.
I've decided to stretch the announced release plan with a RC2 to get some time or testing. At the moment I plan to release the final 0.5.11 until Friday (2008-03-21) if there are no new critical bugs.

You can download the snapshots here:

For openSUSE (Factory/11.0) you can find packages in my hal-beta openSUSE Buildservice Repository as soon as they get build.

For more information about the changes since the last release check this emailPlease test the packages carefully and report bugs to the HAL mailing list or via freedesktop bugzilla. Special thanks to Rob Taylor and Sjoerd Simons for testing and patches.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

HAL: v0.5.11-RC1 released

I've released some hours ago the first release candidate of HAL v0.5.11 and a snapshot of hal-info (20080313). You can get the sources here:

For more about the changes since the last HAL version (released 2007-10-12) and the last offical released hal-info package (released 2007-12-12) can you find here.

For openSUSE you can find packages in my hal-beta openSUSE Buildservice Repository (named as git snaphot to prevent problems with update packages later).

Please test the packages heavily and carefully. Please report bugs (no features get included until the final version, as already announced) to the HAL mailing list or via the freedesktop bugzilla.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HAL: release schedule for v0.5.11

The next HAL version is on the way and since I manage this time the release, here the current release schedule for hal v0.5.11:

  • feature and major changes go into until Wednesday (2008-03-12)
  • HAL 0.5.11 RC1 get announced and offered as source package (2008-03-13)
  • bugfixes and hal-info related changes until Friday (2008-03-14)
  • release of new version on the weekend (2008-03-16), or depending on open critical bugs by Monday (2008-03-17) at the latest.

I would like to see atm these (major) patches go into the release:

  • optimization patches (Rob Taylor)  [1] ff.
  • TabletPC support (Danny Kukawka) [2]

So please review and test them carefully. Let me know, if there are other patches left, that need to go into the release.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hacking umtsmon

After I had a beer with Klaas van Gend (the UMTSmon developer) and some members of the UUGN (that's from Seife: "umtsmon user group Nuremberg") two weeks ago, I hacked a little on UMTSmon

Here what I did:

  • added support to sort the content of QTable objects of the info dialog (bug #1616485) [1]
  • fixed tabstop order for some widgets [2][3]
  • reduce the really annoying flickering of the LCD widget in the main window, by use QWidget::setPaletteBackgroundPixmap() instead of QLabel::setPixmap() to draw the background image [4]

There are some ideas left to improve UMTSmon, some really nice features, we will see if and when I find the time to implement them ...

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