Friday, January 27, 2006

KPowersave vs. klaptop on Kubuntu

While searching with Google for news or articles about KPowersave i found a interesting mailthread on kubuntu-devel. Jonathan Riddell started a discussion to drop klaptopdaemon and replace with KPowersave. That sounds great and it would be really nice if we get KPowersave in the next Kubuntu release.

This show us that it was a good idea to spend more time to make Powersave and KPowersave more portable to other distributions. In this case we need to say thanks to Michael Biebl for packaging the Debian/Ubuntu packages.

Btw. We should also support suspend2 in the powersave daemon. There where several people asking for this on Fedora and Ubuntu to get this in. We should take a look at this feature request to get more happy users.