Wednesday, February 21, 2018

OpenStack Summit Vancouver '18: Vote for Speakers

The next OpenStack Summit takes place again in Vancouver (BC, Canada), May 21-25, 2018. The "Vote for Presentations" period started. All proposals are up for community votes. The deadline for your vote is will end February 25 at 11:59pm PST (February 26th at 8:59am CET)

I've submitted two talks this time:
As always: every vote is highly welcome! And don't forget to search for other interesting proposals around Ceph, NFV and OpenStack as e.g. the as always expected to be excellent presentations from Florian Haas [1][2][3].

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ceph Day Germany 2018 - Follow-Up

Last week the Ceph Day Germany took place at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt. Around 160 people took part in the event and attended the talks of the 13 speakers over the day.

It was a great day with a lot of discussions, feedback and networking for the Germany/European Ceph community. The event ended in a networking reception with drinks and fingerfood, planed for an hour but actually ended after nearly two.

A big thank you to the sponsors (SUSESAPDeutsche Telekom AGTallenceIntel42on.comRed Hat and Starline) which made the event possible. The same applies to the speakers and attendees, without you it would have been a meaningless event. A special thank you to Danielle Womboldt from Red Hat for all the organisational help and Leo as the Ceph community manager.

We didn't manage to record all sessions due to technical problems, but the most of them. You can find the videos and slides from the speakers in the agenda of the Ceph day or directly in the following Google Drive folder. We will upload the recordings also to the Ceph YouTube channel later. There is also a subfolder with some impressions of the day.

I'm proud that we hosted the event. If you could not attend or would like to learn more about the community I recommend to attend to the next Ceph Day in London in April 2018. See you next time and at the Cephalocon APAC next month in Beijing.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Ceph Day Germany 2018 - Update

The German Ceph Day 2018 in Darmstadt is finally only a few days away (07. February 2018).
The agenda is now complete. There are 13 talks and a short Q&A session planed during the day. 
Already 150 attendees signed up and due to the support of our latest sponsor Intel we now are able to host for up to 175 interested members of the big Ceph community. There are only a limited number of tickets left, be quick to register for one while they are still available.

I would like to give already a big thanks to the Ceph community team, all sponsors (SUSE, Deutsche Telekom AG, Tallence AG,, Red Hat, Starline), speakers and supporters which make this event possible. 

Some information if you attend: 

  • The location is at T-Online-Allee 1, 64295 Darmstadt. The entrance to the Deutsche Telekom building is here. Please check this page for directions, traffic, parking and hotel information.
  • The registration will be open from 8:15am on. Please register at eventbrite so that we can be sure that you get a security badge to access the venue. In case the Ceph Day registration desk is closed, get you security badge from the front desk and refer to the Ceph Day in the Forum. You will get you name tag and goodies during the next break.
See you in Darmstadt! Enjoy the Ceph Day!