Thursday, November 12, 2009

My stuff is online again

It's a while since the last post on my blog, so here the latest news:

Two weeks ago, after some weeks of absence, I tried to commit some patches to my hal/hal-info git repo at, but there was no git repo anymore. In fact my complete home at was empty. 

After wonder around about the reason, I found out that the freedesktop admins lost the complete /home filesystem during a power outage (see the announcement). Unfortunately there was obviously no backup (whyever!) and also no email announcement to the affected users after all . That's why my repos weren't reachable for nearly a month. Thanks for the service at in general (really!), but this was a lousy incident handling.

Anyway! You can find now again:

  • my HAL git repo: here
  • my hal-info git repo: here
  • several different versions of the HAL specification: here
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