Wednesday, January 18, 2006

KPowersave 0.5.3

Yesterday I released a the new KPowersave version 0.5.3 to the world. It was a cruel to release the files on sourceforge because was permanently switch between available services and down for maintenance.

The package on sourceforge and forge.novell differ from the package in SUSE 10.1 Beta1 because I used the old name of the new experimental 'Advanced Powersave' scheme in Beta1. The new releases on fix this problem - the user get now the new warning message if switch the scheme. Also added: a default configuration for the new scheme to save more power by shutdown the display earlier.

KPowersave needs now powersave >= 0.11.15. With this new powersave version (also released yesterday) a new dependency was added. In succession SUSE 10.0 user need a new cpufrequtils version (>=v0.4). I added a update to the powersave downloads. We release currently only new SUSE rpms for 10.0 - rpms for 10.1 are available from the factory repository.