Monday, May 15, 2006

KPowersave stable update v0.6.1 released

Yesterday (5/25/2006) I released the first update for the current stable tree of KPowersave. Packages are, as always, available on the sourceforge project page for SUSE Linux 10.0, FC4/5, Mandriva and Slackware and via links on for other distributions including Debian, K/Ubuntu, Arch Linx, Gentoo or ALT Linux.

This release fixes some UTF-8 [bug #165462] and translation [bug #168838] issues in the KNotify dialog and fixes the applet tooltip and displayed remaining battery time on APM machines (incl. code cleanup) [bug #167296]. This version also fix the detailed dialog for multiprocessor/-core machines without CPUFreq or throttling support and offline CPUs/Cores. Other updates: translation updates (fi, km, pl) including desktop files and eventsrc (ru from Anton Farygin ), updated README and an additional configure check for needed dbus-qt3-devel.

For Fedora, it is strongly recommended to update powersave to 0.12.17 (powersave is added automatically to boot). For all other distributions, updating powersave is also recommended.