Wednesday, January 11, 2006

KPowersave 0.5.2 released

Today I released new KPowersave version 0.5.2. This is the first release since more than 3 months (last release was with SUSE 10.0). KPowersave is now updated to current powersave version (0.11.2). The new release contains many bugfixes and updated translations and help files (for all news see Changelog ).

As it look I released the new package to late for the next SUSE OSS Alpha 4 release so to test new package d
ownload KPowersave from freshmeat or sourceforge
As next I plan to add the new powersave features and some enhancements to KPowersave for the next SUSE release:
  • scheme specific brightness settings
  • add support for new 'Aggressive Powersave' scheme to enable/disable shutdown/suspend specific devices
  • add display in applet tooltip information about multiple battery