Thursday, July 24, 2008

openSUSE: Better TabletPC support

Since a while some newer TabletPCs uses Wacom Tablets with Multitouch support which allows to use the Tablet with the pen but also with your fingers as a Touchscreen. One example is the Lenovo ThinkPad X61t.

The linuxwacom X11 driver now also provides touch support. It's realised as a new input device with option "Type" "touch". These devices work only on TabletPCs and with the option "ForceDevice" "ISDV4".

Since SaX2 currently only supports the configuration of the Stylus (Pen) and the Eraser devices I had to extend Sax2 to allow also the configuration of Touch devices. You can find my patch here and an updated SaX2 package (for openSUSE >= 10.2) in my openSUSE Build Service home repo (you need also the latest x11-input-wacom packages from there to get the full support).

Here a screenshot of the new 'Electronic Pens' tab of SaX2 from a Lenovo X61t:

If you have an other TabletPC with Wacom Multitouch support feel free to send me an email with your xorg.conf and some information about the machine and I add the machine to SaX2, so that you be able to configure your machine very easily.
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Ramon Antonio said...

Great news for a tx2000 owner. That would fit great in KDE System Settings! Any chance that could happen?

Dave Harfordshire said...

I agree - could opensuse merge its good technology into upstream instead of putting it into separate yast? it would be great to have this feature also in kubuntu, pclinuxos and fedora-kde.

Danny said...

I'm not sure why you think the X-server configuration of SaX2 (which exist since ages in SUSE products) should go into KDE.

* All other distributions are free to integrate SaX2 into their products, SaX2 exists since a really long time and it's GPL.

* SaX2 configure devices (as the Tablet, TabletPC or Touchscreen devices in this case) which need to get configured befor X is starting. I don't see why this should be done in KDE.

* IMO it make no sense to develop some desktop environment specific solution atm. The user (and IMO also the distributions) want to use only one tool, irrelevant if you use KDE, GNOME or what ever. And this is whas openSUSE do with SaX2.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everbody!
So, i think i didn`t get it.
I'm going to buy myself a M912, but i realy don't like Windows on it. I'm now using Ubuntu.
Is there a possibility to get a Multitouch Screen when using the "linuxwacom X11" driver, so that the device is able to detect more than one finger, or does that only mean, that I can use my finger instead of the Pen?
Thank's for answering!

Danny said...

What is a M912?

No, it means only that linuxwacom now supports input via pen and finger (or a not EMR (Electo-Magnetic Resonance) Pen) on devices which supports it. Maybe the name Multitouch is atm missleading.

Anonymous said...
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