Friday, July 25, 2008

Lenovo ThinkPad X61t Touch support

As I already wrote in the last post the linuxwacom driver now works with Touch devices as used in the Lenovo ThinkPad X61t. Today I tried to use the touch device, but unfortunately it's not full working with default settings as the other wacom input devices on TabletPCs. By default you can only use a part of the screen, the cursor never reaches the last 2-3 cm to the border of the screen.

I tried to calibrate the device with wacomcpl but I got alway an error. The reason was that wacomcpl wrongly detected all wacom input devices as core devices. I had to fix wacomcpl first, you can find the patch here.

Sadly also the fixed version of wacomcpl wasn't able to calibrate the touch device correctly. The touch device get active as soon as you hit the display with you finger or a non-EMR pen. This get interpreted by wacomcpl as click, you don't have a chance to put the cursor on the cross to get a value for calibration. Because of this I played around with xsetwacom and the ButtomX/Y and TopX/Y options on the X61t. Here the values I added to my SaX2 version to get the device usable:
Option "BottomX" "915"
Option "BottomY" "950"
Option "TopX" "48"
Option "TopY" "79"
I hope this make the X61t now usable. You can get updated SaX2 and x11-input-wacom packages here. But it would be nice if the autocalibration in the driver could get fixed including wacomcpl.


Jeremy said...

Rather than requiring configuration in the X config for this, it'd be nice to have it automatically passed from hal to the X server. The big problem is that the wacom driver is a little funky and so we either have to pass multiple xinput devices from hal or change the wacom driver to support multiple "devices" per device.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you know how to change the sensitivity of the touch feature? AFAIC, I must put a huge pressure on the screen to get mouse control. I did not found how to make it more smooth (touch & drag rather than heavy press & drag).

Anonymous said...
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