Thursday, July 10, 2008

HAL patch collection (5)

Here my actual HAL patch collection. I didn't send them to the HAL ML yet, but I try as soon as I find the time.
  • a patch to fix handling of PMU battery and AC if the devices are available via the power_supply kernel interface to fix problems with duplicated devices from the proc interface (should also fix fd.o#15482)
  • patch for fd.o#16427 to fix the PropertyModified signal in SPEC to do what the code already do
  • small memory leak fix
  • a patch to remove the storage.model property from all volume devices (it's always empty and should be only part of devices which use the storage namespace)
  • a bigger patch to cleanup the code of some addons, removed check_priv() from the addons and added it to a new file to be able to simply reuse it for all addons if needed
  • a patch to prevent get truncated model strings for some IDE devices (I think it's atm not the final version of the patch, this need some more testing)
  • a patch to fix the FDI match directive for the uint64 type (fd.o#16575)
I wrote also two patches to improve the performance of HAL. These patches move some often used stuff from the scripts to addons to prevent multiple (at least 2-3) forks for each DBus method call. The patches are:
  • one for the generic kernel backlight interface
  • and another for the Intel WLAN (ipw) killswitch interface
These patches are against current HAL git or against the v0.5.11 sources. If a link to a patch doesn't work, the patch was maybe moved to this directory. The patches are already part of the HAL package in my openSUSE Factory buildservice repo.
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