Thursday, July 10, 2008

HAL patch collection (5)

Here my actual HAL patch collection. I didn't send them to the HAL ML yet, but I try as soon as I find the time.
  • a patch to fix handling of PMU battery and AC if the devices are available via the power_supply kernel interface to fix problems with duplicated devices from the proc interface (should also fix fd.o#15482)
  • patch for fd.o#16427 to fix the PropertyModified signal in SPEC to do what the code already do
  • small memory leak fix
  • a patch to remove the storage.model property from all volume devices (it's always empty and should be only part of devices which use the storage namespace)
  • a bigger patch to cleanup the code of some addons, removed check_priv() from the addons and added it to a new file to be able to simply reuse it for all addons if needed
  • a patch to prevent get truncated model strings for some IDE devices (I think it's atm not the final version of the patch, this need some more testing)
  • a patch to fix the FDI match directive for the uint64 type (fd.o#16575)
I wrote also two patches to improve the performance of HAL. These patches move some often used stuff from the scripts to addons to prevent multiple (at least 2-3) forks for each DBus method call. The patches are:
  • one for the generic kernel backlight interface
  • and another for the Intel WLAN (ipw) killswitch interface
These patches are against current HAL git or against the v0.5.11 sources. If a link to a patch doesn't work, the patch was maybe moved to this directory. The patches are already part of the HAL package in my openSUSE Factory buildservice repo.
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Anonymous said...

Too bad that you did have the time to write this blog entry but not the time to post the patches to upstream.

Please try to submit them to upstream when you can. Thank you very much, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Danny, but I for one hate to be told to do thing I AM ALREADY GOING TO DO. Not to mention that Danny doesn't work for your mother and you have no right to tell him what to do asshat.

Seriously people, cut that shit out.

Anonymous said...
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