Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Testing (K)powersave on Kubuntu

The Kubuntu LaptopTestingTeam announced a help request for testing KPowersave/powersave on the current Kubuntu Dapper test release (Dapper Flight 5/6). The tester should test if KPowersave work better than the current default solution klaptop and document the results on a wiki page.

As I taked a look at the page some days ago, I could only found three reports. Hence I started testing Kubuntu here on several laptops from the Mobile Devices team at SUSE and reported the results back to the wiki. After eleven machines I can say two different things:
  1. klaptop sucks! (it's not really maintained anymore, it hangs up in the most cases if you try to trigger suspend to ram ... )
  2. on all tested laptops it works better with KPowersave/powersave than with klaptop
I hope the tests help to get KPowersave on the upcomming Kubuntu release - it's definitely the better solution. And if they maybe also integrate the s2ram tool, as we do on SUSE, more laptops should work out of the box.

Feel free to install Kubuntu Dapper Flight 6 on a small partition on your latop and run the requested tests to support the powersave project. All test reports would be really appreciated!