Thursday, April 13, 2006

KPowersave 0.6.0 (stable) released

Monday I released the new stable KPowersave, version 0.6.0. The release contains several fixes for the processor information in the detailed dialog (e.g. for multiprocessor machines with throttling support), fixes for the battery infos in the tooltip, a fix from Michael Biebl for events after autosuspend, fixed errorhandling for call YaST power-management module and fixed the timeout for connection to powersave on startup to avoid problems with slow machines and autosuspend. I reduced the size of the package by optimize the included png-files and added a german version of the handbook. Also included: translation updates, changed links for report bugs from the applet menu if the installation is a SUSE/SLES/SLED, added support for lock screen with gnome-screensaver and added fake a key event after resume if the screen was locked to get the unlock dialog automatically. For all changes since the last stable version and the release news, read here.

Thanks to all people which helped to develop KPowersave and make the hole project successful with code, patches, testing all the unstable versions, reported bugs, their ideas and all the spend time. Special thanks to Holger Macht, Stefan Seyfried, Michael Biebl and Daniel Gollub.

You can download KPowersave for SUSE 10.0 (for 10.1 from factory repository or from the CD/DVD), Fedora Core 4 and Mandriva from the sourceforge project page. You can find links to download packages for e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Gentoo and Alt Linux on the KPowersave page.