Sunday, April 23, 2006

New packages ... more distributions

Some new messages about powersave and KPowersave: I added packages for Fedora Core 5 to the sourceforge project website. It was again a pain to create the new rpms. I don't know if really someone develop KDE applications on FC5, but if I need to compile a own dbus-qt3 and dbus-qt3-devel package - only because there is no rpm available and the related section in the specfile is out-commented - something is wrong with this distribution. Btw. Because of this I added also the needed dbus-qt3 rpms here. If you try to install and use KPowersave on FC5 you need at least the dbus-qt3 package. Unfortunately if have no experiences with SELinux and also the guys on the fedora selinux irc-channel were not very helpful. Hence you need to disable selinux support or at least the rule for acpi(d) on FC5. Patches for powersave are welcome.

Since powersave supports s2ram, I also added a suspend package (which include s2ram) for SUSE Linux 10.0 to You also need to update pciutils to version 2.2.1, packages are available on the same download page.

Finally: powersave and KPowersave are now also available for Arch Linux. You can find the PKGBUILD powersave packages in the unstable tree and the KPowersave PKGBUILD here.


singu said...

Thanks for your efforts of getting kpowersafe into FC5. I will test it tonight.

Rex Dieter said...

FYI, dbus-qt has been reviewed(*) and will be appearing real soon now in Fedora Extras

(*) See dbus-qt FE Review

Danny said...

Reply to: "FYI, dbus-qt has been reviewed"

This are great news and would make it easier to build packages. On a proposal of a FC user I think about adding kpowersave also to Fedora Extras.