Friday, December 16, 2011

Pandaboard ES: How to get 1 GByte RAM

Some colleagues told me they have only ~750 MByte RAM available on their PandaBoards.  So I checked my PandaBoard ES and it was the same there. As first I tried to set mem=1024M in boot.scr, but this didn't help. After some research I found that our kernel from the openSUSE:Factory:ARM repository wasn't build with HIGHMEM support. But the kernel need HIGHMEM-support to access the memory above 768MB on ARM/OMAP.

I changed the kernel config for the omap2plus package and build a new kernel RPM locally.
As soon as I installed the new kernel and rebooted, I got this:
root@pandboardES:/ # free 
             total  used   free shared buffers cached
Mem:       1010680 54604 956076      0    3516  29384
-/+ buffers/cache: 21704 988976
Swap:            0     0      0
I'll submit a new kernel package, but for now you can get the RPMs here.