Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hacking osc (4)

Here's what some of the major stuff I did on osc in the last weeks:
  • changed 'osc request revoke' (and also reopen, accept, decline, wipe, revoke) to check the actual state and ask the user to prevent set the same state twice [1]
  • added new command 'osc requestmaintainership' as shortcut for 'osc creq -a add_role USER maintainer PROJECT PACKAGE' since this command is hard to find for (new) users [2]
  • changed 'osc request show' to show add_role request info more verbose including requested person/group and the requested role [3]
  • fix output of 'osc buildinfo' if parameters are missing, show only the available repos (and not the arch) if called from a checked out package [4]
  • updated osc.complete, added all existing commands to list [5]
  • added new command 'osc distributions' to get info about active distributions [6]
  • some changes to respect 'osc -A' and to reuse apiurl instead of reading it again and again from config [7][8]
  • changed 'osc repos' to filter out disabled repos of a package [9]
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