Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[Update] openSUSE: new wiki, and now ...

Some updates about the new openSUSE wiki issues:
  • The User:* pages are now finally protected (see bnc#409520 for history).
  • Looks as if the Special:Import is now finally working also for normal users.
That are good news, but there are some other issues with the wikki: 
  • As already pointed out by some other (e.g. in the 5th comment on this post): older external links to wikipages don't work anymore and there is no hint on the 'empty' page that there is a new wiki with a new structure and where you can find the old wiki. That's really annoying! But there is a info one some pages in the old wiki where to find the new pages (as e.g. here), we need something like that in the new wiki with info where the page was moved. At least as long as this page is empty.
  • Also the 'google index' is destroyed. If you e.g. search at for 'opensuse nvidia' you find this result on the second place, but the page doesn't exist. Sorry, but it was really a stupid idea to do this change and breaking the google index (and external links) with it.
  • I know the intention was to cleanup the old wiki and give it a new structure, but the way it was done makes it really hard for the users. If a user look for the replacement of the old Nvidia page in the new wiki, there is no result with the default search, since it was moved to SDB:NVIDIA. You have to enable the search for the SDB namespace manually. IMO this should be activated by default.
  • Not sure about the plans for the new structure of the wiki atm, have to search for some information about it. But there are some pages missing which are used in the URL-field of old and new (openSUSE 11.3/Factory) rpms. One example is the patterns page (e.g. from the patterns-openSUSE* rpms) and I assume there are others.
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