Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TabletPCs: more machines in SaX2 (2)

I've added again some more TabletPCs (or UMPCs) to SaX2. These machines are now also supported:
  • Asus R2H (should also cover R2Hv, extended udev rules for this machine to create the /dev/input/evtouch_event link)
  • Gateway CX2724
  • HP Compaq TC1100 (I'm not sure if this will work out of the box. There are only some years old reports for the machine and I'm not sure if the special initialization of the wacom device is still needed or if it now may will work out of the box with a recent kernel. If there is a user with such a machine (and may a openSUSE 11.0) please contact me.)
  • Samsung Q1
  • OQO 02
Packages (x11-input-evtouch and SaX2) for openSUSE as always from here.
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Spockfish said...


As a SUSE user (both professional and private) I want to thank you for your 'not-so-sexy-but-oh-so-important' work.

I've got a question: are you also responsible for the monitor database of SaX? That somewhat strange formatted file called 'Monitors'? It would be nice if the monitor database of SUSE would be in a different format and structure. I'm thinking an XML file per monitor. At our company I've added many high end professional monitors by hand to this file, but creating a single XML file that can be uploaded to SUSE (and thus be used by SaX) would be nice...

Regards, Harry

Danny said...

I don't expect that the 'data base' file format get changed in the near future.

I'm not really responsible for SaX2 Monitor stuff, but you can send me the monitors you added to the SaX2 file and I would try to add it back to the upstream repo.

Andrey said...

Thanks for the good work!

I was very pleased to see my HP 2710p in th list.
It makes configuration of a tablet very easy.

Ronald B. said...


your amazing work made me try opensuse 11.0 since I bought a tablet PC (FSC Stylistic ST4120) and it is impossible to get Windows XP Tablet PC edition. I couldn't get the touchscreen to work yet but I hope this will change in the near future.

Keep up the good work, because opensuse seems to be the only alternative to ms vista regarding tablet pc's...

Piergiorgio said...

Hallo Danny,
I'm running opensuse 11.1 on a LG C1 express dual,and I have updated the sources list adding your repository, but whenever I try to activate the touchscreen in sax2 I get black screen at the next reboot... what could it be?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi all: I just found this page.
I just got the a ST4120 "working" with opensuse 11.0.

Although I still have multiple problems with the system, the big issue I found was that the driver order would not work as listed in xorg.conf.

The video driver had to be at the top of the list with the tablet and pen drivers below.

Which is why when sax2 does its test everything works, but at a reboot is doesnt.

I simply moved all the tablet listings down and it works.

Does this make sense????