Thursday, September 18, 2008

KPowersave Tip of the Day

I've seen at SUSE Labs Conference and now at the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC), that people have trouble to disable Screensaver and Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) on KDE while a presentation/talk.

Here now the "KPowersave Tip of the Day" for Linus Torvalds (which had some problems to find out how to disable the screensaver at the LPC) and all the other KDE users out there:
KPowersave has a 'Presentation' scheme which do everything for you (disable: screensaver, DPMS, autosuspend, autodimm). Simply activate it before starting your presentation:
  • right click at the KPowersave icon
  • select 'Set Active Scheme'
  • select the 'Presentation' scheme


Nick Shaforostoff said...

does it integrate with okular's presentation mode?

Danny said...

Currently not, since there is only a KDE3 version of KPowersave but I work currently on the first port and hope we have a working basic version (maybe without solid in the first version) in the next 3 or 4 weeks.
Then I can take a look at how to integrate with okular. But we still need the current stuff because it should also work if you make a presentation with an other tool or if you make a presentation with e.g. 'less'.

Andreas K said...

There's already being worked on ports/alternatives for the old KPowerSave:

Lithium Power Manager

PowerDevil idea which one (or other..) will make it, though.

Danny said...

I know, but we (openSUSE/SLE*) don't want to use any of them, because both missing features from KPowersave.

We want to use a full port of KPowersave and not a partial replacement.

notriddle said...

> idea which one (or other..) will make it, though.
PowerDevil is now in KDEBase, so I guess it has already won ;).

Jos said...

You'd have to rewrite KPowersave pretty much from scratch if you want it for KDE 4 anyway, so contributing to PowerDevil seems a lot more efficient...

Anonymous said...
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