Friday, August 29, 2008

TabletPCs: new machines and fixes for SaX2

I decided to put the TabletPC related stuff I did the last days into a openSUSE Hackweek project. You can find the whole description of the idea/project at

So what did I on the last day of Hackweek?
  • Fixed the x11-input-evtouch package to install also the udev rules, which create for the touchscreen devices /dev/input/evtouch_event. Added another machine (IDEACO IDC 6680) to the list of rules (see patch).
  • Fixed SaX2 to handle also the ports/device paths of touchscreens correctly. Now SaX2 can also set /dev/ttyS{2,3} correctly and accepts /dev/input/{elo,evtouch_event,touchscreen} as paths.
  • Moved some existing TabletPC with touchscreens from the Tablet section to the Touchscreen section of SaX2.
  • Changed SaX2 to set now for all Wacom based TabletPCs the option "Button 2" "3". This enable the right mouse button for the Pen/Stylus button, which is much more practical than the default setting of the wacom driver.
And I added again some more machines:
  • Clevo TN120R (a.k.a Nexoc Osiris S621) (evtouch)
  • Gateway C-120X (should be identical to E-155C)
  • Gateway C-140X/E-295C
  • Gateway C210X (should be identical to M280E)
  • HP Compaq 2710p (which should also work for the upcoming 2730p)
  • Samsung Q1-Ultra (evtouch)
You can find the updated packages (evtouch and SaX2) in my Build Service repo and the patches here.

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Alejandro Nova said...

Why aren't machines like HP Pavilion tx1000, Asus Eee, and others with eGalax passive digitizers, supported by OpenSUSE? They are supported with evtouch and the Debian patch set. There are a lot of porting efforts led by some distros (you can find them here: ). You can find in Ubuntu Karmic Koala .fdi rules, if you need them.

I see no reason to keep eGalax touchscreen owners in an unsupported status, or, worse, depending on a proprietary driver. A proprietary driver is a choice only when there's no Free Software alternative, but here, the alternative exists, and distros have neglected to support us. So, us, users, must rely on compiling evtouch by ourselves (Fedora), borrowing patches from Ubuntu and trying to make them work with what we have, and pray, pray and pray. This is a shame.