Friday, August 29, 2008

TabletPCs: new machines and fixes for SaX2

I decided to put the TabletPC related stuff I did the last days into a openSUSE Hackweek project. You can find the whole description of the idea/project at

So what did I on the last day of Hackweek?
  • Fixed the x11-input-evtouch package to install also the udev rules, which create for the touchscreen devices /dev/input/evtouch_event. Added another machine (IDEACO IDC 6680) to the list of rules (see patch).
  • Fixed SaX2 to handle also the ports/device paths of touchscreens correctly. Now SaX2 can also set /dev/ttyS{2,3} correctly and accepts /dev/input/{elo,evtouch_event,touchscreen} as paths.
  • Moved some existing TabletPC with touchscreens from the Tablet section to the Touchscreen section of SaX2.
  • Changed SaX2 to set now for all Wacom based TabletPCs the option "Button 2" "3". This enable the right mouse button for the Pen/Stylus button, which is much more practical than the default setting of the wacom driver.
And I added again some more machines:
  • Clevo TN120R (a.k.a Nexoc Osiris S621) (evtouch)
  • Gateway C-120X (should be identical to E-155C)
  • Gateway C-140X/E-295C
  • Gateway C210X (should be identical to M280E)
  • HP Compaq 2710p (which should also work for the upcoming 2730p)
  • Samsung Q1-Ultra (evtouch)
You can find the updated packages (evtouch and SaX2) in my Build Service repo and the patches here.