Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TabletPCs: HP Pavilion tx2000/tx2100/tx2500 support

Today I've extended SaX2 to support also the Touch devices of the Wacom USB TabletPCs since the touch input devices have now persistent /dev/input/by-id links (see my last post). My SaX2 version supports now these new machines:
  • HP Pavilion tx2000 series [2]
  • HP Pavilion tx2100 series [2]
  • HP Pavilion tx2500 series [1]
  • generic Wacom USB TabletPC (added touch device to existing entry) [3]
You can get my SaX2 package for openSUSE 10.2/10.3/11.0/Factory from my Build Service repo (be sure that you also update udev from my repo). As soon as the patches for udev are gone upstream also the SaX2 patches go into the upstream repo.

Let me know if you have any problems with the new entries on these machines. If you e.g. still need to calibrate the input devices manually tell me the BottomX/Y and TopX/Y values and I update SaX2.


Troy Unrau said...

Thanks Danny: I have the tx25xx and this will make my life much easier once the whole upstream recirculation of these patches is finished.


Anonymous said...

Will this work on the Gigabyte M912 ?

Danny said...

No. As far as I know the Gateway M912 use a PenMount Touchscreen and not a Wacom device. There is a PenMount driver from, but this one is only for serial devices (AFAIK). But there is a updated driver from PenMount/Gateway available. I have to test and package the driver (if possible).

We ordered a M912 and I hope I get the machine in the next weeks. As soon as I have the machine I can try to get it running. I write a post as soon as I have it running.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any good guides for getting SuSE running properly on a the TX2500? I tried some stuff and after playing around with kernel boot flags, I can get it to boot, but no wifi. I think my acpi=off flag is causing it.

Thank you,

Ignacio Martinez said...

I'm trying to make my hp tx2500 works with opensuse 11.
I have some problems:
1)wifi is not working
2)the pen works ok but the touch screen (without the pen) is uncalibrated
Can you help me?

agustin said...

hey danny, you mentioned i need to update udev from your repo, but i can't find the package there. is it all right if i go on and install sax2 without it? (btw, i'm using your 11.1 repo)

Haga said...

Hello Danny, how are you!?

I have a hp tx2510us with opensuse 11.1, and the following things do not works very well:

* right click of the stylus;
* wifi is not working;
* sound is not working;
* and the rotate of the screen, i have no idea how to make it act;

If you could help me, i'll be very glad for you Danny!

I'm from Brazil, and my name is Vinicius Haga. Please, give me a hand with this! :D