Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HAL: release schedule for v0.5.11

The next HAL version is on the way and since I manage this time the release, here the current release schedule for hal v0.5.11:

  • feature and major changes go into until Wednesday (2008-03-12)
  • HAL 0.5.11 RC1 get announced and offered as source package (2008-03-13)
  • bugfixes and hal-info related changes until Friday (2008-03-14)
  • release of new version on the weekend (2008-03-16), or depending on open critical bugs by Monday (2008-03-17) at the latest.

I would like to see atm these (major) patches go into the release:

  • optimization patches (Rob Taylor)  [1] ff.
  • TabletPC support (Danny Kukawka) [2]

So please review and test them carefully. Let me know, if there are other patches left, that need to go into the release.

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