Monday, March 10, 2008

Hacking umtsmon

After I had a beer with Klaas van Gend (the UMTSmon developer) and some members of the UUGN (that's from Seife: "umtsmon user group Nuremberg") two weeks ago, I hacked a little on UMTSmon

Here what I did:

  • added support to sort the content of QTable objects of the info dialog (bug #1616485) [1]
  • fixed tabstop order for some widgets [2][3]
  • reduce the really annoying flickering of the LCD widget in the main window, by use QWidget::setPaletteBackgroundPixmap() instead of QLabel::setPixmap() to draw the background image [4]

There are some ideas left to improve UMTSmon, some really nice features, we will see if and when I find the time to implement them ...

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