Friday, January 19, 2007

KDE Tablet PC support

One of problems with Tablet PCs under Linux is lacking support for small, but very essential features as the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition provide. There are already drivers for machines with e.g. Wacom tablets or some Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) devices and also some applications as Xournal, Jarnal or xstroke which provide useful features.

On SUSE there is also support in SAX to configure Wacom and FSC devices and I already wrote a patch for HAL (v0.5.8/git) to detect Tablet PCs and set the needed Ports correct and automatically. There is also a patch for XDM to show xvkbd on login and a patch for KDE to show xvkbd on the unlock dialog from Lubos Lunak.

But until now one feature was missing: The user could rotate the screen via KRandr and also the Wacom driver support already rotation but there was no way to do this together because the Wacom driver did not support the XRandR extension. The user had to call xsetwacom to rotate also the input devices to use rotation. Thanks to Stephan Binner the user can now rotate the screen and the input devices together via KRandr and it work like a charm. You can find the patch here.
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Matthew Garrett said...

Why have the table of device nodes, and what's the setserial functionality for? The kernel will already bind the 8250_pnp driver to the serial ports and do the appropriate setup, and then you can check which device node is correct by looking at the PNPids.

Danny said...

Hm ... interesting hint, thanks!

In the past (e.g. with the kernel version of SUSE SLES/SLED10) the setserial call was needed to get the tablet running.

I tested it with a newer kernel on one of my Tablet PC test machines and it worked, but I have to check if this is always the case (There are some tablets which not worked in past e.g. if the port get setup to /dev/ttyS0 but to /dev/ttyS1).

I check if I can reduce the patch down to a fdi-file without code.

Do you know with which kernel version the driver changed to setup the port automatically?

Matthew Garrett said...

2.6.17 or so, I think. is the patch.

christoph feck said...

hi, i am posting this from a fsc tablet pc with opensuse 10.2. thank you for the patches, i hope distributions continue to realize the need for tablet support and adopt such patches.