Friday, January 19, 2007

HAL patch collection (3)

Some time since I posted the last blog entry. So now the first message of the new year.

Here some new patches I send to the HAL mailing list which aren't included in the git repository because they are not approved (I think David Zeuthen is currently in Australia, so he is maybe not that often online.):
  • two patches to cleanup the Linux LUKS scripts [1] and fix the password handling to prevent the bash from word splitting and path expanding [2]
  • a patch to add support for IBM ACPI hotkey events, which allow HAL to send e.g. the sleep and s2disk/hibernate button event as currently already for other machines: here
  • a patch which fixes the detection of libsmbios for the Dell backlight addon - the code of the addon need libsmbios >= 0.11.6 - by proof the library version: here
  • a fix for set/get brightness on machines which supported by sonypi kernel module: here
  • a fix support the old and the newer version of the omnibook kernel module, which try to find the max. supported levels of brightness: here
These patches are against current HAL git. As always: you can find all my current HAL patches here.
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Anonymous said...


These patches look seriously nice - are they going to be integrated with mainstream hal, and if so, which version will have them? I'm especially interested int the hal-ibm-acpi hotkey stuff, which just solves one of the issues I have with my laptop :D


Danny said...

I can only hope that they get aproved, so that I can commit them upstream. If so, they should be in the next HAL version (0.5.9).

But there are specially some discussion about the need of the IBM ACPI hotkey patch. At least I wrote the patch to get the sleep/s2ram(hibernate) events on the desktop via HAL to be able to suspend KPowersave on request (as already on all other machines). I can maybe forgo the rest of the signals, but for other ppl they are maybe useful. For more see:

wyrfel said...


Not that i really have a clue, but shouldn't hal support such extensions without patching? Isn't there a hal plugin interface and shouldn't that allow for extension of acpi events as well?

Danny said...

[quote]Isn't there a hal plugin interface and shouldn't that allow for extension of acpi events as well?[/quote]

Yes there is something like a plugin interface (addons) we could use for such issues, but there are some reasons to do this in the existing ACPI addon:

1) There are systems without acpid which only can use the acpi-kernel interface directly. But only one process can read from the kernel interface at the same time. In the bad case this is the HAL ACPI addon and this mean no other addon could read/handle the ACPI events.

2) The existing addon already handle and filter ACPI events. There is no need for a second process (which mean more memory usage etc ...) doing the same