Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Novell, Microsoft ... and what think RedHat?

Today I read a article about a interview with Mark Webbink from RedHat. There is no denying that they feel inadequate:
... In the end, Red Hat's high customer satisfaction ratings will allow his company to ride the tide. In one year's time [...] Red Hat will be the only Linux commercial vendor left standing ...
I've rarely laughed so hard! We will see if this come true, next November and if SUSE, Ubuntu and e.g. Mandriva still standing ... or Oracle bought you. ;-)


Anonymous said...

He's talking about the enterprise Linux market, where only Novell and Red Hat have significant market share.

Anonymous said...

you should spend less time laughing, and more time thinking. how is novell going to use its patent protection agreement if it violates section 7 of the GPL?

Danny said...

[quote]... how is novell going to use its patent protection agreement if it violates section 7 of the GPL?[/quote]

Always the same speculative allegations. I'm not a advocate, I can't assess the situation as a lawyer. But I can't see how Novell currently violate the GPL. IMO the are not that stupid that they did not think about that issue.

Here is what Novell say about the deal and the GPL: Novell recognizes the significant contribution open source developers have made to Linux and their reliance on the General Public License. The patent agreement signed by Novell and Microsoft was designed with the principles and obligations of the GPL in mind.

What happen if e.g. RedHat or any other commercial software company get sue by Microsoft because of a GPL package that also SUSE have in openSUSE? I assume Novell need and will replace the package, but Novells customers are protected against sue by Microsoft. IMO thats the same as RedHat do with "Open Source Assurance".

But all this is also speculative ... only the time will show what happen (and if MS start sue OSS).