Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HAL patch collection (2)

Today again some new patches I send to the HAL mailing list which aren't included in the git repository because they are not approved so far :
  • fix detection of wireless network capability for devices which use drivers with dscape stack as e.g. rt2500pci: here
  • fix to add hardware specific/dependent sound devices to HAL (as e.g. /dev/snd/hwC0D0): here
  • fix of libhal related to changed behavior of dbus_error_is_set(error) if error == NULL in the new D-Bus. Now the check would crash the realated application which use libhal. Download: here
These patches are against current HAL git. As always: you can find all my current HAL patches here.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that other contributors are the same problems that you to include some patchs into HAL ?
It's maybe the time for a fork with other people who has the same problem ?
For example, with compiz/beryl, the beryl fork grows quickly.

Danny said...

I'm not quite sure if other developers have the same problem, I can only speak for myself.

In the past this was no problem, my last (more than 130) patches for HAL <= v0.5.7 were approved and have been included (the paches in the hal-0.5.7-git directory at the ftp server are already included - I moved them now to a new dir to clarify).

So: maybe the HAL maintainer is currently to busy with other stuff to approve the patches (some, as e.g. the "script postfix" or the "standby" patch will never be included, but this is his decision) or he other reasons ... and maybe I should ping him or simply commit some of the small patches ;-)