Sunday, October 29, 2006

KPowersave status

Today a short update about the current status of the KPowersave development for the next stable version running with HAL instead of the powersave daemon:

We have a new deadline for the first running base version on KPowersave. It's openSUSE 10.2 Beta2, which means I need to checkin the new package at least Monday the 06.11.2006 to get a running version into the release. In Beta1 KPowersave is not in the default selection because of problems with the connection to D-Bus. I had no time to take a look at this issue, so thanks to Timo Hoenig for the patch to fix the problem in the old and new upcomming versions.

Unfortunately I could not commit the fix (and work on KPowersave) because of problems with the SVN server of Novell Forge. The server is down since Friday (27.10.) without any previous announcement from the admins. This is very annoying for the users and really unprofessional from the admins of Novell Forge, also because the service is down the complete weekend. Very good for the deadline for Beta2 if you host a project there.

Nevertheless we finished the most of the work on the hardware information and abstraction part of KPowersave. Now we can start with integrate the new base classes into the applet/GUI.