Thursday, October 26, 2006

HAL patch collection

There a currently some patches I send to the HAL mailing list which aren't included in the git repository so far. They should be included in the new HAL package for openSUSE 10.2 Beta2. Here a list of these patches (feel free to use them on your own distribution):
  • fix build (hald-addon-macbookpro-backlight) against newer versions of libpci: here
  • add support for Standby (S1) to HAL: here
  • remove backend postfix from script filenames (need maybe rename files by hand, for more see this mail thread): here
  • A performance fix for search in pci.ids for vendor and product information of PCI devices. This patch is a reworked version of a inital patch from Ihno Krumreich. I extended the patch to fix bug in the search algorithm and to stop search if found everything we looking for. This patch speed up the search in the list by factor ~8-15 if HAL starts up: here
  • A new version of my patch to detect Tablet PCs (as e.g. with Wacom tablet devices and some Fujitsu Siemens machines) and to set the needed serial ports on boot: here
These patches are against current HAL git. You can find all my current HAL patches here.