Saturday, March 04, 2006

KPowersave/powersave for Mandriva

I released today our first packages of KPowersave and powersave for Mandriva 2006.1. It was a hard work to get both packages running and packaged for Mandriva. They have no matching DBUS, HAL and not the correct version of cpufrequtils in there stable release and unfortunately I also could not find the needed devel rpms on the 2006.1 release CDs. Because of this I used 2006.1 and needed to update several packages to Cooker - the testing/devel three of Mandriva.

There where also some problems with the DBUS configuration for powersave. As it look the desktopuser is not in the group at_console - thus I needed to open the powersave interface for default. Btw. now powersave and KPowersave work on Mandriva. I released packages for ix86 on the project home on

There are some point to consider if you install (K)powersave on Mandriva:
  • you need to update HAL (>=, DBUS (>=0.61) and install cpufrequtils (>=0.4) via RpmDrake from Cooker
  • if you use a ACPI machine you need acpid
  • you have the choise, uninstall these packages or be sure that the related services are not running parallel to powersave: apmd, cpufreq, cpufreqd, powernowd . If you not stop/remove these services you can get in races with the powersave daemon
  • currenly the user need to add powersaved manually to the boot process wirth chkconfig. At the moment I do this not automatically while install the rpm.
These packages are the initial version and my first Mandriva rpms. If there are any bugs feel free to mail to Any comments and suggestions are welcome.