Wednesday, March 08, 2006

KPowersave 0.5.10-rc4 released

Yesterday I released the next KPowersave version. This new release candidate (yes we are now at RC4 and there follow also some more rc's, because of the changed releaseplan for SUSE 10.1) depends now on powersave >= 0.12.2.

I fixed, based on a report on powersave-devel, the handling of the lidclose event. Now KPowersave call 'xset dpms force off ' on lidclose and reset the dpms and screensaver settings on lidopen to off the LCD backlights. Also included: a fix to display processor infos on multiprocessor/-core machines for all CPUs/cores also on non-CPUFreq/throttling machines, a fix from Daniel Gollub to read throttling informatation also on multiprocessor machines, a fix to display battery infos in the detailed dialog only if at least one batterybay is available. While porting to Mandriva, I made also some autotool releated changes: changed detection of Mandriva and read location/name of the D-BUS system socket from pkgconfig. I added at least a patch from Michael Biebl to use pkgconfig from powersave for checks and linking.

With this version the packagesize increased to ~3.3 MByte because I updated and added missing screenshots for the localized handbook versions and added a icon to avoid problems on non-SUSE distributions. The changes also include language updates.

The last release was really successful! It was, after released, downloaded 1421 times in the first seven days from the project page at sourceforge. This is nearly the same as normaly in one complete month (~1500 downloads). I don't know who are all the people which downloaded the files but I like it and hope they like and use KPowersave. The most downloads was for SUSE and the source tar.bz2 but also many downloads for Fedora Core 4.