Thursday, November 27, 2008

HAL: v0.5.12-RC1 released

I've released today the first release candidate of HAL v0.5.12 and a snapshot of hal-info (20081127). You can get the sources here:

More information about the changes since the last HAL version (v0.5.11, released 2008-05-08) and the last official released hal-info package (released 2008-05-08) can you find here.

For openSUSE 11.1/Factory you can find packages in my openSUSE Buildservice Repository.

Please test the packages heavily and carefully. Please report bugs (no features get included until the final version, as already announced) to the HAL mailing list or via the freedesktop bugzilla.

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Anonymous said...

is hal still alive? thought that devicekit (source/api-compatibel) is its successor?

Danny said...

Nobody (I hope) ever said that devicekit is already a successor for HAL. This will need at least several months (I personally think it will be at least a year).

HAL will be at least maintained for several years since HAL is part of several business distributions which have a long support time.