Saturday, February 02, 2008

New/updated packages ...

... I have added new packages to my openSUSE Build Service homeproject for SLE-10 and openSUSE 10.2 - Factory. Some of them already existed in some other projects in the buildservice or in other places, but not up-to-date.

The new packages are:

  • KBlogger v1.0 Alpha 2 for KDE4
  • QSvn v0.6.1 for QT4
  • QGit v1.5.8 for QT3
  • QGit v2.1.1 for QT4
  • SVK v2.0.99_991

Some other packages get updated:

  • CellWriter to v1.3.3
  • kvkbd to v0.4.8
  • Jarnal to v9.20