Monday, February 19, 2007

KPowersave 0.7.2 released

This weekend I release the new KPowersave version 0.7.2. from the development tree. This release is really a major step to the next stable version/tree 0.8.x. As first: forget the tutorial I wrote for v0.7.1 to manually change the settings of KPowersave - you don't need it anymore. You can now change all settings via the new updated configure dialog.

Here a list of the major changes since the last release:
  • extended/updated configure dialog to provide this functionality:
    • schemes settings:
      • add new and delete existing (no default) schemes
      • define a CPU Frequency policy for each scheme
    • general settings:
      • define battery warning levels and actions if a level reached as e.g. Suspend to disk, Shutdown or change the brightness
      • configure actions for button events (Power/Lid/Suspend/Sleep)
      • define the default AC and battery schemes
  • show now the power consumption of the battery in the detailed info dialog if discharging
  • umount external media before suspend (need a patch of the KDE media manager) to avoid data loss and remount on resume
  • reset the CPU Freq settings on resume to avoid different CPU governors on multicore /CPU machines
  • call now SetCPUFreqConsiderNice(), SetCPUFreqPerformance() on dynamic CPU Freq policy (as poweruser setting only changeable via config file) and also SetPowerSave() with true on battery and false otherwise
  • support also conservative governor as DYNAMIC fallback
  • fixed brightness handling in the configure dialog if not activated
  • removed accelerator tags from i18n() strings. KDE handle this by itself.
  • Improved config GUI to be better accessible via keyboard.
  • code and code documentation cleanups and updates
I also fixed many bugs since the last version for more information read the release news. Due to the changes in the config GUI and the removed accelerator tags the most translations are currently not up-to-date (full translated: de, da, tr, zh_CN and zh_TW). Thanks to the following people for sending updates for their languages: Stefan Skotte (danish), S.Çağlar Onur (turkish) and Zhengpeng Hou (chinese). Any help on update translations would be really appreciated.

You can download the source and rpms as always via or directly via the sourceforge project page. Currently are only rpms for openSUSE 10.2 available, other distributions will follows in the next days.
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zimmski said...

Thank you! :)

Chani said...

my kubuntu seems to be running both klaptop and "power manager". is the second one kpowersave or is this something else?
I should probably just get rid of the "power manager"; it doesn't have the features I need from klaptop and imho the icon looks ugly (and four bars is nowhere near enough detail for my battery life). but I still haven't figured out why it reports a slightly different amount of time remaining, and the different brightness for charging vs battery is nice. I'm kinda wondering whether it's responsible for the lack of an onscreen brightness-meter when I use my keyboard controls... one of the few annoyances from the dapper-to-edgy upgrade.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge do they use guidance @ Kubuntu. Ask google for more information.

Danny said...

> is the second one kpowersave or is this something else?

No KPowersave is a complete different tool and was developed to replace klaptop.

> I should probably just get rid of the "power manager" ...

You should ;-) You are not the first Kubuntu user which is not happy with the kde-guidance-powermanager ... but no more comments on this.

Btw. would be nice to get Kubuntu to use KPowersave again as discussed here in the past:

Since KPowersave no longer depends on the powersave daemon it should be no problem to use now KPowersave!!!

Stefan said...

any chance that we can get rid of the unsermae dependency any time soon?

Danny said...

> any chance that we can get rid of the unsermae dependency any time soon?

And what should we use instead? cmake? I would not switch away from the current state until KDE switch the default and IIRC they switch with KDE4 to cmake.

Claudiu said...

Upgrading to 0.7.2 final (needing the processor performance setting on the scheme), I've observed the following behavior:

I'm using a IBM ThinkPad A31 with OpenSuSE 10.2 and the KDE from the distribution. When I'm using the special combination key (with FN + F12 - suspend to disk combination) it suspends. But, it resumes and immediately starts to suspend again!

I have to abort the second suspend to continue work. Or to leave it to suspend and start the computer again. This never happened, in the past, with 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 RCs. Also, works fine with "Suspend to disk" command from the start menu.

Danny said...

@Claudio: this sounds as if the event get double handled. Could you stop powersave (rcpowersaved stop) and try to reproduce? If this happen anyway, please stop powersaved and kpowersave, start 'lshal -m' on console, press FN+F12 and post the output.

Btw. The best would be you file a bug on

claudiu said...


Sorry for delay...

It doesn't happen with powersaved stopped.

Guillermo said...

How about implementing something that mimics this function?

I know I don't have the right to demand anything but I think it'd be a nice feature

Danny said...

This is already planed a long time. I have already a older patch for KPowersave which I have to rewrite and port for current SVN code. But this will be a feature for 0.7.4 and not for upcomming 0.7.3.


Danny said...

[quote=claudiu]It doesn't happen with powersaved stopped.[/quote]

Not sure if the powersave update for 10.2 was already released, but you can download a fixed powersave version from here:

This version should work for you and powersaved should no longer handle IBM hotkey events.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to only use kpowersave in kubuntu, and every time I get rid of kde-guidance-powermanager I screw something in my X window. Still usable but the fonts are differents and I got a notice that a python-bla-bla crashed.
So how is the best way to avoid power save to start?
Thanks for your work

José Pereira said...

I think this software is great... I use it for a long time on different mandrivas (2005,2006,2007 and now 2007 Spring). Congratulations for your work.
I read that you no longer need powersaved running to make the suspend2disk work, etc... Nonetheless, if one is not using kde (just console mode, for instance) and needs to suspend, there is no way for kpowersave to be running, ence no suspend is possible.
Either way, what I would like to ask you is: Is there a way to detect in kpowersave startup that powersaved is running and if so, use the powersaved (old) interfaces to suspend? This could be usefull for many users, I think.

free ps3 said...

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Anonymous said...


I just started using PClinuxos on my Gateway MX8525 17" Laptop, 1.8 GHz Pentium mobile, ATI Rage x700.

I installed Kpowersave and its working good but one problem with my synaptics mouse.

When resuming from suspend to ram, my synaptics mouse(trackpad) nolonger works without a reboot.

If I have a USB mouse, it still works with or without a reboot.

Can you tell me how to have my trackpad turned back on after resuming from suspend to ram.

Thank You,