Tuesday, July 04, 2006

KPowersave update v0.6.2 released

Sunday I released the a new update for the stable tree of KPowersave with version number 0.6.2 and also a new powersave version (v0.12.20) to sf.net. This release fixes more than eight bugs. Here the most important changes:
  • KPowersave depends now on powersave >= 0.12.18
  • fixed bugs:
    • sf.net #1483392/ SUSE #177792: set changes for autosuspend state via DCOP back to the applet menu, added DCOP functions to set the current scheme, the current CPUFreq policy and to open/close the detailed dialog
    • sf.net #1483392/ SUSE #177788,180000: added workaround to fix two bugs in the DPMS- and Screensaver extension of X, related to autosuspend and detect user inactivity (DPMS timeouts are abstracted from current idle time, but shouldn't / DPMS timeouts are currently additive but shouldn't). This fix problems with autosuspend if the timeout is longer than the DPMS timeouts.
    • SUSE #168619: changed errorhandling if HAL, DBUS or the powersave daemon is not running or if the user has not the needed rights to access the powersave daemon via DBUS. Added new errormessages and translations.
    • SUSE #182515: Changed configure dialog to respect rules for DPMS timeouts
    • SUSE #176782: patch from Timo Hönig to allow (if supported and enabled in the scheme) change brighness via mousewheel over the applet icon.
    • SUSE (SLED) #183745: fixed detection of SUSE Linux/SLES/SLED and added Fixed bugzilla link for SLED/SLES configure option to force SLES/SLED as distro with --enable-suse-sles.
    • SUSE #184076: fixed wrong command to start dbus daemon in errormessage.
    • added additional check before autosuspend if this was disabled via applet
  • added new configure check to detect Ubuntu/Kubuntu
  • changed link to Ubuntu bugzilla to launchpad.net and use now the same link for applet menu entry "Report a bug ..." if compiled for Ubuntu/Kubuntu
  • updated default blacklist for autosuspend with gmplayer,kaffeine,xine,mencoder
  • updated translation: cs,de,es,fi,fr,hu,it,km,pl,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
  • updated (cs) and fixed translation of eventsrc for KNotify
  • fixed and updated code documentation
Packages are, as always, available on the sourceforge project page for SUSE Linux 10.0, FC4/5, Mandriva and Slackware and via links on kde-apps.org for other distributions (note: the new version is maybe not available for all of them at the moment) including Debian, K/Ubuntu, Arch Linx, Gentoo or ALT Linux.